Monday, November 30, 2009

::C0mmENt AnDa??::

To make the job easier, here are secrets about guys that a girl must know. Read them, apply them to your guy-in-love and decide.

Guys will do anything just to get the girl's attention:

So don't get carried away. They like watching girls because it is their biggest pastime. They admire girls even if they're not that much pretty. And the next step in line is to get the girl respond to them. It is just the feel-good factor to ensure that they are attractive enough for the girls. So don't slip away from your ground at the mere gimmicks shown only to attract you. Berhati-hati ya!

If a guy praises you to your face, don't take it in face value:

Guys are generally fun-loving and are pleased to see how they can make you believe their words. So don't believe them if they say they can't sleep without hearing your voice on the phone or can't live without seeing you; (ish!sblum dpt bleh la kn!!cuba da dpt tgk!!!call je, ehm, ngntuk la, penat la!!mcm2 alasan!!). Lelaki yg interested in a serious relationship akn gune dialog ni selectively only at times bile dia pk dia perlu bgtau kite ni n kite as a girl would believe him in return. Tp x semua yg mcm 2..b0leh dikira dlm dunia ni, tp if guys 2 ckp mcm dialog, u should kn0w that he really meant it. But that takes some time into a serious relationship.

For guys, chemistry is not necessarily connected to beauty:

The way the girl presents herself attracts the guy to enter into a serious relationship than her efforts at the beauty parlour. The girl's smile is the first missile that m'bawa mereka ni ke awng2-an n then it is about how seseorng perempuan ni conducts herself in groups and in person. But remember, guys suka flirt tp diorg x suke bile girls yg flirt!!*bnyk cantik!!

If a guy tells you he loves once in a lifetime, he really does:

Because no guy says so easily "I love you" to a girl. betul ke? hmm -.-" tp ap yg i tau la kn once when he says he means it. He may be flirting around with so many, but would have special feelings for a special girl who he cannot forget. And if you happen to be that special friend, who doesn't want to respond to him, then don't expect him to give up. Di0rg ni xkn give up only when he comes to know that ad lelaki lain yg berjaya dpt u; girls!! :)

Rejection is the biggest nightmare for guys:

They don't accept defeat so easily, particularly if they have had a relationship with a girl for quite some time. They will keep trying to get your approval, despite the "no" you have said. If they hear you say "no," they would actually hear it "not now." So guys akan ttp mencuba dan trus mencuba. Rejection by the girl is something the guys cannot bear. Jgn nanges sudah ye.. :)) (*perempuan x ninghtmare ke?ces!)

Guys cry:

When something goes amiss in a relationship, guys jugak sm je mcm girls. But it is better to let him off if he really proves unworthy in a relationship. That is the way guys learn to behave. It is experience and rejection that make them mature and well-behaved. So let him cry to learn better 0k? But if a guy cries in front of the girl in an otherwise normal relationship, it is better to listen to him. He may be having a genuine reason to cry that the girl must certainly listen to. Because, as a general rule, guys don't cry in front of his lady love, unless otherwise there is a strong reason. *true!!i agree that!

They always begin the conversation as though they were meteorologists:

Yes, a guy willing to hook you up for a serious relationship will talk about everything else but n0t s0al hati dan perasan. His favourite opener is the weather report. Then he will continue with everything that sounds inconsequential from your point of view. Only when you show signs of bidding goodbye, does he start speaking about his heart. You know guys are poor starters! *kesiankan....huhuhu...take n0te guys!

He that lets you go is the one really in love with you:

No guy would like to antagonise the girl he loves. Your guy will tease you, bully you, rag you but would be careful enough to see that he doesn't overdo. The moment he senses that you are really agonised, he would let you go, but only after making sure that you understand him to be only in his playful best. In the absence of real movie villains in life, this is his way of showing that he really cares for you - teasing you first and then cajoling you. :) *i suka nih!!!!!

He that stammers in front of you is the one Cupid-struck:

Guys put up a lacklustre performance in the first few encounters with the girl-in-love. Phone talks do a lot of good to them than face-to-face encounters. They would rather mouth some boring world news than speak up what they intended to say, mainly to get over the stammer. So, go easy on them if they stammer and lose the way.

Guys are good at listening but poor at understanding:

They put up a good face as though they are good listeners. But they alone can tell what they had been listening - your words or voice or something else!? If you want to convey something, ckp biaq terang and ask for feedback. That is one way to make sure that he is indeed listening to you. Don't strain your mind to find novel ways of expressing your thoughts. Sign language also would do no good, as guys are said to understand very few signs which girls need not bother to know until they marry! So, if you have anything to say, you have to say in clear terms. Even if it is "I love you," you have to say so. *ooohhhh..Because until and unless you say so, he would not understand. *perempuankn malu2!!phm2 sendiri la...ish!The guy would only be steeped in doubts even if his heart tells him that you love him.

But they need to listened to:

In fact, a guy is ready to rely on his girlfriend than on another guy, to solve his problems. They hate to say that they need your advice, but the guy would expect you to listen to him, advise him to bail him out of his problems. In the end he won't even thank you for the advice but pretend that he is not serious about your advice and can manage on his own. But he will do exactly the way you have advised. ceh!!eg0! So girls, know this superiority sense in your guy and use it to your advantage. As guys can be easily bowled over by intelligent talk, it is possible for an intelligent girl to plant her ideas in him and get them executed!! :D

Guys love their moms:

And they like girls who are like their moms. *100% c0rrect! The generation X girl looking for a serious relationship with such a guy need not worry about his mom. Recent studies have shown that the mom loves the girl more because her son loves the girl. And since the son sees the girl in his mom's image, he is sure to possess the tenderness that he used to show to his mom. For instance, the girl can expect him to have some expertise in culinary because that is one area the guy would have excelled to help his mom. Jeng3!!pass dah!!haha.. The mom too in turn is likely to reduce the household chores of the girl as a way of pleasing her son. *Anyway, good luck girls!

Guys in a serious relationship tend to become possessive:

So, no use accusing him if he tells flat to your face not to talk to your boyfriend. Guys in a serious relationship tend to become very protective and sgt cemburu 0k and would do everything under their power to keep your other boyfriends off. The guy would also be watchful enough to keep you off potential problems. But know that such a guy is certainly dependable.

Guys have obsession about their hairstyle:

So, make an adverse remark about his hairstyle only if you want to turn him off! Guys may even go without a proper dress-sense, but never without a "hair-sense." They are the Samsons whose secret of energy and charm are locked up with their hair locks or the absence of them! They may even show up in muddy shoes that were probably not in use for years. But hair is something special. For a good many of them, their sex appeal lies in their hairstyle. *ehmmmm...think2!

Guys hang around only as long as it is fruitful:

This is one crucial fact that girls must watch out. The generation X guys are more social, as they have no qualms about reeling out sweet talks to any girl who is willing to listen to them. As long as the girl allows him space, the guy will hang around. If she chooses to ignore him or shows interest elsewhere, he will have all the ease to move away. So girls, if you are serious about a guy, for heaven's sake, don't ever make him, think that you are not interested. But if the guy truly gets involved with a girl, he would leave no stone unturned to reveal his mind. His socialising with other girlfriends would anyway continue but his girl-in-love would always be in his mind. This is a dis-quieting habit of guys.


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